My home is rather small and I am extremely choosy when I buy new furniture. Several years ago, we purchased a recliner…but it is also a rocking chair.

Last year we needed a side table to go next to our new sofa. I knew I wanted closed storage to keep the dust out. The table we chose has a unique feature…the top slides forward to give you access to the top shelf. You can see what is hiding in the back!

My bed is also mufti-functional. There are drawers underneath of it. I do not have a dresser in my bedroom. All of my clothes, all four seasons, fit in my closet and in the drawers under the bed. Of course, Mr. Frugalfish had to move his clothes and dressers to the laundry room.  It is large and has a full bathroom on one end. He likes being able to shower, dress, and toss his dirty clothes all in the same room.

Each table I purchase has to have a drawer in it. I love hidden storage. I am looking for an ottoman with a lid to hide my granddaughter’s toys next!

The top on my side table slides forward for easy access to items on the top shelf.