Today I am putting the final touches on my table for Thanksgiving. The table is set for 17 plus a high chair! I love, love, love dinner parties! At Christmas, and on my birthday, I ask for napkin rings, cloth napkins, serving dishes, etc. Last year I ironed the napkins into turkeys.

Last year’s Thanksgiving table.

I bought a glass butter dish for my dinner at Easter. I was looking for a glass cream and sugar set. I didn’t like any I saw in the store; they all seemed too small.

After my last shopping trip, I walked by my china cabinet and noticed a small pitcher I used for syrup and a candy dish that was missing the lid. They both are cut glass and the perfect size for my crowd! I have my new cream and sugar containers! Who knew, I just needed to shop in my china cabinet!

My “new” cream and sugar set.


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