A spring broke in our recliner. It started bending and felt like you were sitting in a hole. I found the broken piece and hooked one end into the clip. I save the heavy-duty twist ties that are from buying new appliances. I got out a few of those to secure it to the adjoining springs. Then I tied a string to the spring all around to keep it secure. It no longer feels like a hole in the seat.

As I was working on it, I remembered our aunt is a furniture upholsterer. I called her and she asked if it was a spring or a coil. She had me measure the length, width, and space between the zigzags. As I was measuring it, I noticed a coil I had wired with a heavy-duty twist tie last year! I forgot about it!

When we were at their house that weekend, she gave me a replacement coil and told me she would pick up a small zigzag spring the next time she was in Des Moines at “Gilbreath Upholstery Supply.” (My uncle had an even better idea. He told me to look for a chair set out for trash pickup and just get a spring from it!)

The moral of my story is to save those heavy-duty twist ties, they make a great temporary fix.

My temporary repair on the broken spring.

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