A spring broke in our recliner. It started bending and felt like you were sitting in a hole. I found the broken piece and hooked one end into the clip. I save the heavy-duty twist ties that are around the cords when I buy new appliances. I got out a few of those to secure it to the adjoining springs. Then I tied string to the spring all around to keep it secure. It no longer feels like there is a hole in the seat.

As I was working on it, I remembered our aunt reupholsters furniture. I called her and she asked if it was a spring or a coil. She had me measure the length, width and space between the zigzags. As I was measuring it, I noticed a coil I had wired with a heavy-duty twist tie last year! I forgot about it!

When we were at their house that weekend, she gave me a replacement coil and told me she would pick up a small zigzag spring the next time she was in Des Moines. Gilbreath Upholstery Supply is in Des Moines. My uncle had an even better idea. He told me to look for a chair that was set out for trash pickup and just get a spring off of it!

The moral of my story it to save those heavy-duty twist ties, they make a great temporary fix.

My temporary repair on the broken spring.

How do you save money?

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