I shopped at all of my favorite stores and did not find a small, leather, cloth lined purse. I have picked up regular purses for $15.00 and had to replace it after one season.

My daughter-in-law mentioned that her mom was having a “Thirty-One” party. I had never attended one and they dropped off a catalog. “Thirty-One” has leather purses, but they were much too large. Her mom recommended a “Skirt Purse”. It comes with one hook-on skirt and you can purchase other skirts for variety. It was 2” longer and 1” taller than my present purse.

My daughter-in-law has several bags from “Thirty-One” and I was able to see for myself their quality and how they held up. I decided to spend the $45.00 for the skirt purse because I believe it will last more than three years and that is the amount I spent over the last three years buying white purses.  I broke out of my rut and ordered a red skirt for the holidays.

I also ordered a scarf for $10.00. I have extremely sensitive skin and can only wear 100% cotton or silk. Normally, I spend $15.00 to $20.00 on a scarf and they are hard to find. When I placed my order I was told I was eligible to get a utility tote for $5.00. I agreed.

I was pleasantly surprised when my order came. The purse comes in black, with the red skirt I ordered, and the utility tote was larger than I expected and collapses for storage. I got two purses for the price of one and a $35.00 tote for $5.00.

When you attend, or order from a party, like this or Tupperware, etc., the thing to remember is to order just what you need. If you are eligible for a freebie or reduced price, fine. Where we get into trouble is when we order things we don’t need to be eligible for a second freebie or reduced price.

I’m hoping the next catalog has a white skirt. Then I can change purses without emptying my purse. I will just hook on a new “skirt”!

My “Thirty-One” order contained a black purse, with a red “skirt”, a scarf and a large utility tote.