I learned today’s’ tip quite by accident.  Usually, I would ask one of my guests to bring a bag of ice. One Easter Sunday, there was a miscommunication and no ice! I do not have an ice maker on my refrigerator, but I have four ice-cube trays. I quickly emptied the trays in a cooler and took it downstairs.

After the final guest left, I was surprised to see I still had ice! The larger cubes did not melt as quickly as the bags of crushed ice do. Since I make my ice with filtered water, it was clear and did not change the taste of the drinks.  My dinner parties usually are for 15 – 20 people and I have never run out of ice. I do refill the trays as soon as I empty them for later after the party.

Four ice cube trays of filtered water.

Four ice-cube trays of filtered water.


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