I rarely eat out but sometimes my husband will pick up something and bring it home.  I hate to throw away the condiment packets. I open them and add them to my bottle of ketchup.

I got this idea from a magazine that sold a gadget that would hook two bottles of ketchup together. The last few drops of ketchup from the nearly empty bottle would drip into the top of the new bottle.  I never bought the gadget, but I do balance the almost empty bottle on top of the new bottle to get the last little bit out. I also do this for shampoo, body wash, etc.

I check the expiration date on the older bottle before I combine it with the new one. The older product is decanted first as it is on the top.

As for the condiment packets, I add them to the bottle right away since there is no expiration date on them. I would not use this tip on packets that have been lying around!

Ketchup Packets

Ketchup Packets


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