I have one room that is always cooler in the winter than the rest of the house. Unfortunately, it is my office and I spend a lot of time in there! When I had my furnace serviced, I mentioned it to the plumber. He said it was the last register on the line and it was hard for the fan to push air to it.

One way to improve the situation was to tape the seams of the ducts with silver tape. It will withstand heat and cold. My husband taped all the seams last year. I noticed some of the old tape showing through. I think I will add another strip of tape to each seam to make sure no air is escaping from under the old white tape.  I am lucky since my ducts are easy to get to in our unfinished basement.

A seam that needs new tape.

A seam that needs new tape.


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Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate

A few years back, Eric and Donna Reed shopped for groceries and household products only once a year. How on earth? I know. That was my reaction, too.

The Reeds got the idea after reading a column in USA Today, wherein the writer confessed to his weakness when it came to buying clothes. So driven to buy new sweaters, slacks or shoes every time he stepped inside a clothing store, publicly he announced he was giving up buying anything for one full year.

Cut Your Spending

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Eric and Donna wondered if they could do the same. Their minds went to the grocery and discount stores, the mall and Amazon.com. And what about restaurants and home improvement stores, they pondered. How would they handle gifts and seasonal items every household needs through the course of a year?

The Reeds, like most of us, don’t simply stop into the store to pick up milk. Or eggs. No, they buy the milk—along with a basket of other stuff, too. It’s expensive to be a frequent-buying consumer. But could they plan ahead well enough to make it through a whole year without spending? They decided to see if they were up to it by trying it for one month. One month with no exceptions. Not even gifts. Could they do it? They bought supplies for the month and then gritted their teeth. Continue reading

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