I have posted many pictures of my kitchen counter. It is small and always empty. I am sure you think I clear it off and put the clutter on the table before I take the pictures. After all, there are always appliances on a counter top. Right?

Wrong! My counter looks exactly like that…empty…most of the time. So where are the appliances? I store them in the upper cupboard where they are close at hand when I am ready to cook. I had to give away my extra glasses and cups to make room. (I store the glasses I use for my dinner parties in a box in the basement near the table.) My toaster ended up on top of the china cabinet, on a tray to collect the crumbs, and my microwave is on top of the dishwasher.

The problem is not that your kitchen is too small or there is no storage; the problem is we all have too much stuff.

My can opener and mixer are on the bottom shelf.

My can opener and mixer are on the bottom shelf.


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