I confess; I have never been to the opera. Susie introduced me to it many years ago, but at the time it was through an LP album. (Yes, I am old.) I didn’t think it was for me. Now if I were sitting by Richard Gere and having him explain the story to me, like he did in the movie “Pretty Woman”, that would be different.

When college boy told me he was singing in the choir with an opera singer, I was duly impressed, just not sure I wanted to give up my Sunday nap to attend. But, being the good mom, I went to hear them both.

Boy was I blown away!

When that man opened his mouth it was like pure joy coming over the microphone. I was amazed!

I actually knew most of the songs from high school concerts and my mother forcing us to watch Lawrence Welk on Saturday nights.

We had good seats because the couples behind us grew up in Centerville, IA (where Simon Estes was born) and had followed his career.  We were early and overheard part of his life story.  He has sung all over the world and for three Presidents.

Singing his praises may seem an unusual thing for me to do on this blog, but I wanted to impress on my readers the quality of artists who perform at community colleges. The concert was free and we were able to hear him speak the following night. The man was just as impressive as his voice.

They say, “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.” After hearing Simon Estes sing, I decided I want to be the fat lady! Well…at least here at home. Check the calendar at your local college and you may become inspired, too!

College Boy with Simon Estes

College Boy with Simon Estes


My cousin posted a link to a blog with 2 ingredient recipes on Facebook. I was surprised at how many things you can make with just 2 ingredients. But this roast was not on the list!

It takes one roast and one bottle of cola. You pour the cola over the roast and bake it at 350 degrees for a couple of hours until the internal temperature is 155 – 170 degrees. The cola tenderizes the roast.

We cooked it without searing the edges and sliced it up for lunchmeat.

Two ingredient roast.

Two ingredient roast.