I replace my winter coat every six years or so. I try to buy the best quality and always choose a washable coat to keep it in the best shape.

My former coat still looks nice, but the top toggle will no longer connect across my chest. I chose a new style and measured myself. That was the most painful part about shopping for a coat!

I took the largest measurement and ordered the coat in the size that would accommodate it. Normally, I wear a 10-12 and imagine my surprise when I found I actually needed an 18! That may seem like overkill, but I wanted plenty of room to wear a sweater and a jacket comfortably under the coat.

I have a “long-waist” and even though I am only 5’5”, I have to order the tall sizes.

When my coat arrived and I tried it on, I thought it was huge, but it was really comfortable. I no longer felt the tugging across my back and shoulders. My former coat felt like a straight jacket.

The only problem was the sleeves were three inches too long! I took the coat to a local seamstress and tried it on with a jacket on underneath it. She said the waist hit exactly right and the shoulders fit nicely. The only problem was with the length of the sleeves. I paid less than $20.00 to have her shorten the sleeves.

The coat is part fabric and part fake leather. I did not want to try to work with those materials. She is an expert who alters wedding dresses and when I got the coat back you could not tell the sleeves were shortened.

I have received so many compliments on my new coat and I know it is not because of the style; it is because it fits me. When you buy a major piece of clothing, like a coat, always buy the one that will fit you everywhere and then have someone tailor it in any areas that are too large.




I am busy getting ready for my daughter-in-law’s birthday dinner. I have been baking, cooking and decorating for three days. The dishwasher is running for the second time today and will have another load to wash after dinner.

It has been making a funny noise. Have you ever tried to describe a noise an appliance is making to a repairman? It is frustrating and a little embarrassing. I solved that dilemma by making a movie of the appliance making the noise on my camera. When the repairman arrived, I played my 30 second video.


My broken dishwasher .


I was sick last week…all week. My husband took over the cooking, laundry and cleaning. (I still have not made it downstairs to the laundry room.)

I use a desktop computer and do not have a laptop. I don’t think I will ever use one in bed anyway after reading about the college student who died when his laptop overheated and set his bed on fire.

I felt bad that I did not post to my blog or website, but I realized something very important financially. Staying home and missing work is cheaper than ending up in the hospital.  A stay in the hospital is cheaper than a funeral. Saving your health is more important than saving money.

Doctor bills.

Doctor bills.


Do you worry about what to do with the extra mini-blind cord? It is dangerous to young children.

When I purchase a new mini-blind, I move the bell up 16 inches and tie a knot. Then I cut off of the extra cord.

Mr. Frugalfish came up with another solution. He takes the cord over the top of the blind and lets it hang down the other side. That way the cord reaches just the bottom of the window.

Put cord up and over the top of the mini blind.

Put cord up and over the top of the mini blind.


I read that it is best to store flour in the refrigerator to protect it from bugs. I purchased three Rubbermaid containers and put the three different types of flour I use in them. I put them along the back of the bottom shelf. There is plenty of room in the front of them for other items.

I don’t know about you, but I seemed to lose leftovers in the back of that bottom shelf. Another place that food items hide was under the meat drawer. I now keep the extra flour under there. I have room for three packages.

It worked out so well that I started keeping my corn meal on the bottom shelf also.

I store my flour in the refrigerator.

I store my flour in the refrigerator.


This tip is complements of Mr. Frugalfish. He is pretty handy in the kitchen and when French fries are on the menu, I usually try to get him to fry them. He decided to make “Country Fries” one night and got out the apple corer to cut the potatoes.  It worked rather well!

Apple corer cuts country fries.

Apple corer cuts country fries.


The faucet to my bathroom sink was peeling and I finally replaced it last year. When I showed it to my son he said, “Did you get a new sink?”

“No,” I replied.

The sink and cabinet looked bad because the faucet was peeling. When I replaced the faucet it made the whole thing look good.

We look at areas in our home and think we have to remodel. That is not always the case. Many times all it takes is replacing something that is worn out. When I replaced the tile, I felt like I had a new bathroom.

One year we discussed painting our home. It has vertical and horizontal siding. As I was coming up the road one day, I realized only the horizontal siding was oxidizing. We painted just that siding and it looked like we painted the whole house.

If you have an area of your home that you are not happy with, stop and consider what one thing is making it look bad. It might be easier to fix than you think. The best part is people will think you did more than just replace one thing!

My new bathroom faucet.

My new bathroom faucet.



A friend read my post about condiments and suggested another great way to use them…

…send them to a deployed soldier.

Our soldiers are fed “MRE’s”, which stands for “Meals Ready to Eat”. (Of course, they have a nickname for them, but my son wouldn’t repeat it to me!) They can be bland and soldiers frequently ask for things to jazz them up; taco seasoning is one request.

It’s funny, kids will refuse to eat something, but when you put ketchup on it, they change their mind! Ketchup could only help a “MRE”.

Ketchup Packets

Ketchup Packets