The faucet to my bathroom sink was peeling and I finally replaced it last year. When I showed it to my son he said, “Did you get a new sink?”

“No,” I replied.

The sink and cabinet looked bad because the faucet was peeling. When I replaced the faucet it made the whole thing look good.

We look at areas in our home and think we have to remodel. That is not always the case. Many times all it takes is replacing something that is worn out. When I replaced the tile, I felt like I had a new bathroom.

One year we discussed painting our home. It has vertical and horizontal siding. As I was coming up the road one day, I realized only the horizontal siding was oxidizing. We painted just that siding and it looked like we painted the whole house.

If you have an area of your home that you are not happy with, stop and consider what one thing is making it look bad. It might be easier to fix than you think. The best part is people will think you did more than just replace one thing!

My new bathroom faucet.

My new bathroom faucet.



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