Since I live in Iowa, my dream home would have to have a full basement. I want a safe place to go when the tornadoes are blowing by. In the basement of my dreams there would be a theater. It would have velvet curtains on both sides of the screen and framed posters on the walls. There would be recliners complete with drink cups for at least eight people. Of course, there would be no windows to let us view our movie in darkness.

Back in the real world…the TV we watch the most is upstairs and there is a floor-to-ceiling window in it. The drapes I purchased for this window are “Energy Star” approved and they have a black-out lining. They block the light on the brightest of days making anytime “Movie Time.”

The drapes in my front room have a black-out lining.

The drapes in my front room have a black-out lining.


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