I was going through my closet looking for clothes to wear to church on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I read two new trends for spring were to wear all of one color and use neutral accessories or to wear Black and White with a pop of bold color.

I went through my closet and pulled out my few dress clothes. As I have been housebound for six years, my wardrobe consists mostly of tee shirts in various necklines and sleeve lengths. I layer them depending on the temperature and wear sweaters or a blazer over them when it is cold.

I found a black and white print skirt and cobalt colored shrug. I picked out two shirts to wear under the shrug and a decorated cobalt scarf. I hung the outfit on my closet door last weekend. Each time I looked at it I thought of the other accessories I had. I remembered a pair of earrings that would match the decorations on the scarf.  By this weekend, I had a “new” outfit that had been in my closet all along.

I did the same thing for Easter Sunday. I pulled out the yellow suit I wore to my son’s wedding and a yellow tee shirt to wear under it. By the time this weekend rolls around, I will have turned it into an Easter outfit!

The trick is to hang it outside of the closet to make you look at it and evaluate accessories to wear with it.

The suit I wore to my son's wedding. it will become my Easter outfit this weekend.(Photographer -

The suit I wore to my son’s wedding. it will become my Easter outfit this weekend.
(Photographer –