I have had “Easter Cakes” for the last two years.  I did not spend all day Saturday baking, frosting and decorating a cake.  Usually, I bake the cake and freeze it early in the week. I like to freeze it because it makes for a moister cake.

I defrost it the night before I want to decorate it. My friend, whose mother makes professional decorated cakes, told me to defrost it on the counter because if you defrost it in the refrigerator, you will get condensation.

  1. Cut the cake into the desired shape using templates found online. (My favorite source is bhg.com.)
  2. Frost every piece with a “crumb coat” and let it set.
  3. Frost the cake with the colors you have chosen.
  4. Then the fun part – decorating the cake with candy!
My 2012 Easter Cake

My 2012 Easter Cake

This year will be the best ever – my niece and sister are bringing the desserts!

My 2011 Easter Cakes


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