We received a “Snuggie” as a gag gift one Christmas. I threw it in the closet in my office thinking I might use it on a particularly cold day.

I have posted several pictures of my office and you can see my writing desk is in the center of the room backed by a dresser that I use for storage.  Since heat rises, it gets cold under that writing desk. I hate to turn up the heat and I found a new solution this winter.

My feet and legs get cold, but my upper body is comfortable. I spread the “Snuggie” over my office chair and I wrap it around my legs and feet. I don’t have to turn up the furnace or wear my house coat all day. It works the same as a lap quilt.

On brutally cold days, I wear the “Snuggie” just like I would wear my house coat.

I drape the "Snuggly" over my office chair.

I drape the “Snuggie” over my office chair.


I have long legs and it was difficult to find long underwear that went to my ankle, not halfway down my shin. I finally decided to buy men’s long underwear and alter them.

I cut the panel out.

Men's long underwear with panel removed.

Men’s long underwear with panel removed.

Measured and sewed a new seam.

I sewed the seam shut.

I sewed the seam shut.

On the table, they looked great. But not when I tried them on. The thigh area was much too tight without that panel.

This year, I purchased three more pair of men’s long underwear and accidentally found an easy fix. (I must have been exhausted because I put them on backwards.)

Who knew? I could use the extra material on the backside!

Now is the time to buy them as they are on clearance.


When I get a new appliance or anything with a warranty, I write the expiration date of the warranty on the box in permanent marker and my husband stores the empty box, with the packing materials inside in the garage.  He checks the boxes every so often and recycles the boxes that the warranty has expired.

This way, if something goes wrong during the warranty period, we have the original box and packing materials to return the item. Since most warranties are only 90 days, the boxes do not stay long in the garage.

Save box until warranty expires.

Save box until warranty expires.


My home is small and there are not a lot of kitchen cupboards. My husband is over 6 foot and with 8 foot ceilings, a ceiling rack was not an option. I ended up hanging my baskets and pans on the walls. There is a double purpose here, as it is a north wall and the baskets add a layer of insulation.

Hang your baskets and pans on the wall.

Hang your baskets and pans on the wall.


To say I have severe allergies is an understatement. I am so sensitive to dust mites that I not only have to use dust covers; I have to sanitize all of my bedding every week. It is really hard on your comforter and bedspread.

This is the one time I choose to buy cheap. I replaced my comforter and bedspread last year. I did not buy the best quality, but chose modestly priced ones that were marketed for college dorm rooms. I know that the weekly sanitizing will take a toll on them and I do not expect them to last for years.

My summer bedspread.

My summer bedspread.


My favorite ¾ length sleeve tee-shirt had a portion of the hem come out. I have never mastered the art of sewing tee-shirt material and when I tried to repair it…it did not turn out well.


My repair did not go well.

My repair did not go well.

I decided to rip it out and sew the edge and the hem lines in a zigzag stitch. It covered the stitching lines and kept the hem from fraying.


I like the effect of three rows of zigzag stitching.

I like the effect of three rows of zigzag stitching.

I used the same stitch on my little black dress to lengthen it.

I used the zigzag stitch to lengthen my little black dress.

I used the zigzag stitch to lengthen my little black dress.



My husband works at a local lumberyard and one of his duties is to mix paint. They have the fancy computer with the camera on it that you can put anything in front of and it will give you the formula to mix paint to match it.

I wanted my living room to be a soft gray, almost white, and my kitchen to be a sky blue. My husband went through the paint strips and chose a gray and blue that had the same “saturation.” They were both in the same position on their respective strips.

They blend so well together that when it is time to touch up the paint I can never remember which color is painted on this strip between the rooms. Is it gray or is it blue?

It is blue because it’s painted in satin finish, like the kitchen; not eggshell, like the living room. April is the perfect time to touch up the paint in your home. The showers keep you out of the garden, but the weather is nice enough to throw open the windows.

Another wonderful thing about using the local lumberyard for paint is the computer keeps track of the colors in all of our rooms under our name. I don’t have to remember it is Dove Feather Gray and Jet Stream Blue. The computer does that for me.

I do not purchase paint at discount stores as the paint from the lumberyard covers in one coat. I do not have the time, or patience, to paint two or three coats. If I have to buy twice the amount of paint, it is no longer a bargain.

Is that strip blue or gray?

Is that strip blue or gray?


I called it my husband’s “midlife crisis” truck. I actually hated it for the several years I was making payments on it because we stretched ourselves really thin when we purchased it.

We finally sold it to our son, who loved it. He is a mechanic in the guard and while he was on assignment in California, in his free time, he replaced the engine, alternator, transmission, and a few other things that I don’t even know what they do.

It is a 1995 and when he got serious with his girlfriend, now wife, he decided he needed a newer truck. We bought it back from him for my husband to use in his mowing business and for our youngest son to drive back and forth to school.

It is a rugged truck. At last count it has hit and survived 7 deer.  Only 2 deer did any significant damage to it. After the last run in with a buck, we had the front end and rear end worked on.

I spoke with the mechanic over the phone and asked if we should think of replacing it. He seemed shocked and explained to me what a “good” truck it is. Except for the miles coming back from California, the engine has not had many miles added to it. The only problem was the body was rusting through in several places.

My husband got an estimate to have the body repaired a few years ago and we just didn’t have the money in savings. I told him to get another estimate. It had doubled! We now had that much in savings and I realized the price would never go down. We had the body repaired and painted. Part of it was recently repaired and painted after the run in with the deer.

When we bought the truck, in 1999, I told my husband we would not replace it until 2011. I moved that date to 2018.


My “new” truck!




It has always been my dream to buy a car with cash. Usually, in my dream I am rich and famous and the car I buy is the latest model. Alas, that has not happened.

Holly came to me a few weeks ago and asked me to pray because her car broke down. I prayed that it would not cost much to fix it or that God would provide the money to pay for the repairs. When I finished, I heard God whisper, “What if I want to bless her with a new car.”

The next week she reported that the engine had blown and it was not worth fixing. Then I started praying God would lead her to her new car.

I saw her the following Tuesday and she was walking on air. She found a car with low miles that was good on gas. (Don’t ask me the model because the only thing I remember about a car is what color it was.)

Then she told me the most amazing thing. She paid cash for the car. She had just received a tax refund and with the money in her savings she was able to pay cash. She talked to the banker about a loan, but the banker told her to, “Just write a check.”

Last weekend I talked with her again and she told me about this amazing job opportunity in Oklahoma. She would be closer to her son and doing the same type of work that she is currently doing. The best part is, without being tied down with a car payment, she has more money to work with to make the move.

Being debt free offers flexibility.

She inspired me because, with our current income, I know we could not take on an auto payment should one of our vehicles need replaced. I was once again reminded that when that time comes, if I keep saving, God will provide the money I need.

We make a mistake when we ask, “What payment can I afford?” It would be better to ask, “What vehicle can I buy with the cash I have on hand?”

Holly's New Car

Holly’s New Car


I was expecting to have Easter dinner with 17 of my extended family members and I wanted the house to look nice. When I returned home from a dentist appointment, I noticed the welcome mat was partially faded.

Now, I am sick of buying welcome mats! I have spent from $10.00 to $40.00 on them and they all fade. (The expensive one had our initial in the center and I bought it as a gift for my husband.)

The result was always the same. Our home faces south and there is no shade by the front door; they barely last six months.

As I looked closer at this one, I realized it was made out of rubber and there was no wear on it, just the color had faded. I did not have time to order a new one and I asked Mr. Frugalfish to just sand the rest of the color off.

Sanding the color off of the rubber welcome mat.

Sanding the color off of the rubber welcome mat.

Besides, I like the color black and I know this mat will last.

The rest of the color will fade by July 4th!

Refurbished Welcome Mat!