I am famous for serving leftovers, even breakfast. I cook breakfast on Monday and Tuesday, but we eat the leftovers on Wednesday.

This Wednesday I gave a family member the choice between rolls with ham and gravy, (leftover from Easter dinner), or oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon. This individual loves biscuits and gravy and I was sure which one they would pick.  I was shocked when they said,

“That doesn’t sound good!”

I replied, “Fine, I’ll eat them.”

I sliced the rolls into thin layers and smothered them with ham and gravy. I put them in the microwave and heard, “I guess I will eat them after all. I’m sure you don’t like them.”

Funny, they didn’t sound good; but they sure smelled good!

We get caught up in the trap of choosing food that sounds good. Or worse, deciding based on what we are “hungry for.” (I used to make my menus a month at a time and buy everything all at once at Aldis. Now my husband does all of the shopping and I make my menu based on the weekly sales.)

We are used to ordering whatever our “little old heart desires” in a restaurant. We need to make a plan, or menu, and stick to it. It is amazing how much better found ‘sounds’ when you can smell it.

I am reminded of something my dad used to say, “You don’t eat to taste, you eat to fill.” He said that a lot the month they served us liver three times a day at the Bible school where he was the maintenance man.

Ham and gravy over rolls for breakfast.

Ham and gravy over rolls for breakfast.