It has always been my dream to buy a car with cash. Usually, in my dream I am rich and famous and the car I buy is the latest model. Alas, that has not happened.

Holly came to me a few weeks ago and asked me to pray because her car broke down. I prayed that it would not cost much to fix it or that God would provide the money to pay for the repairs. When I finished, I heard God whisper, “What if I want to bless her with a new car.”

The next week she reported that the engine had blown and it was not worth fixing. Then I started praying God would lead her to her new car.

I saw her the following Tuesday and she was walking on air. She found a car with low miles that was good on gas. (Don’t ask me the model because the only thing I remember about a car is what color it was.)

Then she told me the most amazing thing. She paid cash for the car. She had just received a tax refund and with the money in her savings she was able to pay cash. She talked to the banker about a loan, but the banker told her to, “Just write a check.”

Last weekend I talked with her again and she told me about this amazing job opportunity in Oklahoma. She would be closer to her son and doing the same type of work that she is currently doing. The best part is, without being tied down with a car payment, she has more money to work with to make the move.

Being debt free offers flexibility.

She inspired me because, with our current income, I know we could not take on an auto payment should one of our vehicles need replaced. I was once again reminded that when that time comes, if I keep saving, God will provide the money I need.

We make a mistake when we ask, “What payment can I afford?” It would be better to ask, “What vehicle can I buy with the cash I have on hand?”

Holly's New Car

Holly’s New Car