My husband works at a local lumberyard and one of his duties is to mix paint. They have the fancy computer with the camera on it that you can put anything in front of and it will give you the formula to mix paint to match it.

I wanted my living room to be a soft gray, almost white, and my kitchen to be a sky blue. My husband went through the paint strips and chose a gray and blue that had the same “saturation.” They were both in the same position on their respective strips.

They blend so well together that when it is time to touch up the paint I can never remember which color is painted on this strip between the rooms. Is it gray or is it blue?

It is blue because it’s painted in satin finish, like the kitchen; not eggshell, like the living room. April is the perfect time to touch up the paint in your home. The showers keep you out of the garden, but the weather is nice enough to throw open the windows.

Another wonderful thing about using the local lumberyard for paint is the computer keeps track of the colors in all of our rooms under our name. I don’t have to remember it is Dove Feather Gray and Jet Stream Blue. The computer does that for me.

I do not purchase paint at discount stores as the paint from the lumberyard covers in one coat. I do not have the time, or patience, to paint two or three coats. If I have to buy twice the amount of paint, it is no longer a bargain.

Is that strip blue or gray?

Is that strip blue or gray?


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