We received a “Snuggie” as a gag gift one Christmas. I threw it in the closet in my office thinking I might use it on a particularly cold day.

I have posted several pictures of my office and you can see my writing desk is in the center of the room backed by a dresser that I use for storage.  Since heat rises, it gets cold under that writing desk. I hate to turn up the heat and I found a new solution this winter.

My feet and legs get cold, but my upper body is comfortable. I spread the “Snuggie” over my office chair and I wrap it around my legs and feet. I don’t have to turn up the furnace or wear my house coat all day. It works the same as a lap quilt.

On brutally cold days, I wear the “Snuggie” just like I would wear my house coat.

I drape the "Snuggly" over my office chair.

I drape the “Snuggie” over my office chair.


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