I have sewn many things with my set of upholstery needles: shoes, purses, cell phone cases, furniture, rugs, carpet, etc. But this one takes the cake.

I cannot open my windows unless I put allergy screens in them. I have to send them to the car wash and have them cleaned with the power washer there. Last week they were cleaned on a windy day and they blew over. One screen came apart.

It is two layers of wire mesh with special material inside. This particular screen is a replacement insert that I tape to the screens that go in my big front windows. It is held together with two wire brackets.

The mesh became twisted and would not go back in the wire bracket. I ended up putting the three pieces together and sliding it in the bracket a few inches at a time. I would sew, those few inches, around the bracket and through all three layers to hold it in place.

It worked. I certainly did not want to wait for a replacement before I opened those windows. Some repairs are permanent and some are temporary. This temporary repair meant I did not have to run the air conditioner and that saved me money.

My big window with the allergy screens in them.

My big window with the allergy screens in them.


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