I hope you have been able to learn from my success at living frugally. I think it also important for me to share my mistakes. After all, the greatest lessons are learned from failures.

I have found that mistakes do not go away no matter how long I ignore them!

Back in the day, sometime last century, I decided to use kitchen wall paper as shelf liners. I assumed that I could just roll it up and replace it when it became dirty.

I was wrong!

The humidity of the kitchen activated the glue on the back, and when I went to replace it, I found it stuck to the shelf.  I ignored it for over a decade.

This week I spent an hour scraping it off of three shelves. Removing the paper in all of the shelves is my spring project.

This was one time when using what I had on hand was not a good idea!

Wallpaper does not make a good shelf liner!

Wallpaper does not make a good shelf liner!


  1. I would have just topped it with new wall paper or contac paper but since you started scraping it off you will have to finish so it is level. I should change mine.



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