It was at the fair, when the carnival was in full swing, and it was my first year working at a food stand. We ran out of chopped onions and my boss surprised me by dumping some dehydrated diced onions in a bowl and covering them with water.

My husband is not a fan of onions. I like the taste of onion and have come up with a compromise…


Dehydrated diced onions.

Dehydrated diced onions.

Some people do not like onions because they upset their stomachs. Others seem to smell like an onion when they eat them. But dehydrated diced onions, found in the spice section, will not affect you the way a real onion will. I use them in place of an onion in my recipes.

On the occasions when we are having a group over and I want diced onions, I just add enough water to cover the dehydrated onion for a few hours. They will soak up the water and are a good substitute for hot dogs and hamburgers.

Condiment bowl with relish and re-hydrated dry onions.

Condiment bowl with relish and re-hydrated dry onions.


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