I shared how I stored watermelon to make it last longer last year around July 4th. This year, I came up with a different approach.

There are two types of watermelon eaters:

  1. Those who like to get a big chunk and eat it with their fingers. (They also enjoy watermelon seed spitting contests!)
  2. Those who prefer it cut up in bite sized pieces.

The second category covers the ladies, who do not enjoy watermelon juice running down their chins, and small children, who don’t mind the juice, but are prone to choke.

How do you prepare watermelon for a crowd consisting of both groups?

  • Cut watermelon into fourths and slice.
  • Put one-fourth of the slices on the rind ends in the bottom of a large bowl.
  • Stack two more of the fourths around them, standing on their rinds.
  • Cut the last portion into bite sized pieces and place them in the center of the bowl on top of the slices.

Guests may choose to get a spoonful of pieces or just grab a wedge.


Serve Wedges and Chunks

Serve Wedges and Chunks


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