Last May I shared that I am an “Unplugged Grandma,” (see I don’t have anything against technology, it’s just children can have a blast with a jar of buttons, if you let them use their imagination.

Since my last baby was born over 20 years ago, I routinely research the age-appropriate activities for my granddaughter. I learned that bowling is a good game to play with her now that she is two.

I didn’t want to go buy a bowling set and I came up with a frugal alternative. My son has been buying Powerade to make it through these hot days. (I refuse to buy it, and make a homemade alternative from a recipe I obtained from Debt Proof Living) I asked him to save his bottles for me.

I only had five bottles the next time she came over, but I got out a musical ball that was already in the toy box and we decided to bowl.

I set up the “Powerade bottle pins”, went to the end of the hall and rolled the ball down.

My granddaughter bowled differently. She ran down the hall, dropped the ball on the “Powerade bottle pins” and knocked any still standing over with her hands.

We both had a great time and didn’t spend a penny.

My granddaughter bowling her way.

My granddaughter bowling her way.



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