Many people are sad in the winter when there are not as many hours of sunlight. I am just the opposite. I keep the curtains to the southeast closed in the mornings during the hot summer days. At noon, I close the west curtains, and shut the northwest curtains around five. It keeps the sun and heat out of my house.

Unfortunately, it also keeps the light out. The tree to the south of my home is full of big leaves and is providing wonderful shade, but it makes it difficult to read in my office without a light during the hot months.

I needed a new office, just for reading. When I was without a computer for a month, I got out a small bookshelf and loaded it with the reference books I use every day. I put a few files on it that I also use regularly and set it under my kitchen table next to the patio door. It is out of sight, and so far, my granddaughter has not noticed it.

When I received my new laptop, I set it up on the kitchen table and I have good reading light in the morning. Late in the afternoon, when the sun moves to the backside of the house, I open the curtains to the southeast and work on my desktop in my office.

Sometimes all we need to do is move a few things for a fresh perspective.

Summer office.

Summer office.



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