We had BBQ ribs for dinner with a special friend a few weeks ago. The ribs were 6 inches long and a few inches wide. There was a lot of meat on them. I had one rib leftover. I used a fork to pull the meat off and pulled the larger pieces apart. I made Pork Casserole with it.

A recipe for casserole usually calls for 2 cups of chopped meat. I may not have had 2 cups, but I figured the noodles would fill my family up.


2 c. chopped pork

8 oz. dry noodles

1 package frozen corn

1 can Cream of Chicken soup

½ can of milk

Cook noodles. Add pork and corn. Mix soup and milk together. Pour over noodle mixture. Stir to combine. Heat 10 minutes in microwave.

Pork Casserole

Pork Casserole


I am not a fan of disposable things. I don’t like to use items that can only be used once. When I heard of the “Staple-less Stapler”, I wrote it on my shopping list.

It is not that staples are so expensive; it’s that they are so annoying. They catch on things, don’t close properly, take up room in files, and cut you!

The “Staple-less Stapler” cuts a u-shaped hole and tucks it under a flap in the back of the papers. It is amazing. In one squeeze, my papers are permanently attached together and they still lay flat.

"Staple-less Stapler" at work.

Staple-less Stapler at work.

I will still need a regular stapler for the times I need to staple more than five pages together. Since that is a rare occurrence, I may have purchased my last box of staples!


I love having candles lit in the evening. They add warmth and sometimes fragrance to a room. They also add heat. I don’t normally use candles in the summer.

Then I bought a few “Flame-less Candles.” They are battery operated and they flicker like a candle, but there is no heat. I set the timer on them to light from six to ten in the evening.

My husband likes to watch TV in the dark. I don’t. Using the candles is a nice compromise. A bonus is they light up the bathroom enough that you don’t need to turn on a light to use it and that saves electricity.

Flame-less candle lights the bathroom.

Flame-less candle lights the bathroom.


In baseball with three strikes you are out.

Strike One: The DVD/CD player would not play a CD that worked in all other players.

Strike Two: I called the manufacturer and they told me I called the wrong number, and then proceeded to give me the same number.

Strike Three: The firewall would not go on for some reason.

I sent it back. I am back to sharing the desktop with my husband. I will save more money and get a better brand next time.

The most important thing to me is does the manufacturer back their stuff. Can I get help with a problem? In this case I knew I could not.

Summer office.

Summer office.


I like a lot of fruit in my yogurt. When I bought individual packages, it seemed there was more syrup than fruit. I make my own by cutting up the fruit I have on hand and adding 3 tablespoons of yogurt.

I have used: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raisins, apples, grapes, etc. I am getting a full serving of fruit and this container of yogurt will last me two weeks.

FRUIT and yogurt.

FRUIT and yogurt.


I shared on a recent post that my little black dress was not as long as I would have liked, see https://frugalfish.org/2013/04/17/zigzag-it/. On the other end, the neckline was longer than I wanted. In disgust, I sewed the v-neck closed for three inches, but it threw off the design of the dress.

I ended up ripping out those stitches and sewing a lace insert in the bottom of the v-neck instead. The dress drapes nicely and I don’t have to see anything I don’t want revealed.

My little black dress with a lace insert.

My little black dress with a lace insert.


I was sitting in my “New” office and thought it was really warm. The air conditioner seemed to be working fine. I looked down at the register next to the table to be sure the bookshelf was not covering it. The bookshelf was fine, but the drape was partially over it.

The cool air was going up the folds of the drape, not into the room. I pulled the curtain up into a swag until the register was clear and immediately felt cool air. I then went and checked all of the other registers to make sure they were not blocked.

A swagged drape does not block the register.

A swagged drape does not block the register.


Have ever felt like you were in between sizes? One size feels too tight and the next size up is so loose that it looks like you are wearing your mother’s clothes. I have already shared about buying the larger size and having it altered to fit, (see https://frugalfish.org/2013/02/27/my-new-winter-coat/).

This tip is for the item you purchased in the smaller size, or an item that has shrunk in the wash.

Pin the seams together and sew a line next to the zigzag stitching.

Pin original seam back together.

Pin original seam back together.

Rip out the original seam and you have given yourself some breathing room!