I am not a fan of disposable things. I don’t like to use items that can only be used once. When I heard of the “Staple-less Stapler”, I wrote it on my shopping list.

It is not that staples are so expensive; it’s that they are so annoying. They catch on things, don’t close properly, take up room in files, and cut you!

The “Staple-less Stapler” cuts a u-shaped hole and tucks it under a flap in the back of the papers. It is amazing. In one squeeze, my papers are permanently attached together and they still lay flat.

"Staple-less Stapler" at work.

Staple-less Stapler at work.

I will still need a regular stapler for the times I need to staple more than five pages together. Since that is a rare occurrence, I may have purchased my last box of staples!