We had BBQ ribs for dinner with a special friend a few weeks ago. The ribs were 6 inches long and a few inches wide. There was a lot of meat on them. I had one rib leftover. I used a fork to pull the meat off and pulled the larger pieces apart. I made Pork Casserole with it.

A recipe for casserole usually calls for 2 cups of chopped meat. I may not have had 2 cups, but I figured the noodles would fill my family up.


2 c. chopped pork

8 oz. dry noodles

1 package frozen corn

1 can Cream of Chicken soup

½ can of milk

Cook noodles. Add pork and corn. Mix soup and milk together. Pour over noodle mixture. Stir to combine. Heat 10 minutes in microwave.

Pork Casserole

Pork Casserole


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