In July, my son lost all of his recorded shows when his box overheated. It was in a case behind a closed door. I checked my box and noticed it was hot. As a temporary measure, I put two pieces of wood on it to raise the DVD player.

When the warranty period on my computer expired I recycled the box. The two pieces of foam in the box were black. I trimmed them to fit the area and put the DVD player in the grooves. I placed the box on top. Now the air can circulate around the top and bottom of each device.

Free foam spacers for media.

Free foam spacers for media.


If you add Harley Davidson motorcycles to the list, you have just described one of my sisters. We teased her when she bought a red house. We thought she bought it because all of her Coke memorabilia would look good in it.

The last time I visited her, I found out I was not the only frugal one in the family. She wanted a denim tablecloth. When I complimented her on it, she showed me the side of the table. She was using a denim curtain. If she had not shown me this side, I never would have guessed.


My sister's denim tablecloth!

My sister’s denim tablecloth!


My grandmother had a summer kitchen and the term confused me because that was where the wringer washer was kept. I saw her do laundry there, but not cook. It was like an additional room on the house.

When my mother was really young, grandma canned there, but by the time I came on the scene, she had air conditioning and cooked in her kitchen full-time.

I think the idea of a summer kitchen is great. All of the heat is kept out of the house. Since, I cannot leave the house, I had to be creative. I can’t just grill during the summer.

My solution? Crockpots. I put the various dishes in different sized Crockpots and set them on my washer. The heat is contained in my laundry room and the upstairs stays cool.

Crockpots on the washer.

Crockpots on the washer.



It finally cooled down here after 2 weeks of temperatures in the 90’s. I won’t run my oven until it is much cooler. That does not mean we go without desserts!

I made my first “Icebox Cake” for dinner on Labor Day. These cakes are made with cool whip, pudding, fruit, and cookies. Some are just cool whip and Oreos in layers.


2 Bananas

Cool Whip

Vanilla Pudding

Box of Nilla Wafers

Spread a layer of cool whip on bottom of pan. (I used a spring-form pan.) Add a layer of nilla wafers, followed by pudding, bananas, more wafers and top with cool whip. Make the night before and put it in the refrigerator or freeze it and thaw an hour before serving.

Banana Icebox Cake

Banana Icebox Cake


Being housebound makes it difficult to have much fun when my granddaughter comes over, especially on the really hot days. Sometimes, I have her uncle take her to the park for an hour. She loves that, but he is not always available.

On one particularly hot day, I came up with a solution. After her nap, I let her play in the tub. I used Baby Vapor Bath to create bubbles and put all of her toys in it. She had a ball!

If you have a tub, you have an indoor pool!

My indoor "kiddie" pool.

My indoor “kiddie” pool.

It’s Just an Honor to be Nominated

I have a high metabolism…so high that people thought I was anorexic until I turned 40. Every doctor visit included the statement, “You could benefit from gaining some weight.”

After the big birthday, the doctor said, “You could benefit from losing some weight.”

I never was at the perfect weight; I was either underweight or overweight.

I have the same problem with this blog. When I was nominated for the Liebster Award I found I did not qualify. I’m too big.

“Hi from Grow. Cook. Eat. Share.! I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog lately! So much so, that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out:

And the Liebster Award goes to….




Liebster rules!


  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back up to their blog.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

When I read this rule I came to a screeching halt! At the time, I had over 500 followers and I am not eligible for the award. I’m too big.

I will take the time to answer the questions from


The 10 Questions for my nominees….


1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Someone is listening to me! You know how your family tends to ignore what you say? Now I have an outlet.


2. What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t blogging? Reading, quilting, puzzles, embroidery, playing the piano, singing, learning the mandolin, painting, Spider Solitaire.


3. Who is one of the most inspirational people in your life? Jesus Christ, you can’t go wrong following Him.


4. Where do you go to “get away from it all”? My bedroom, my health keeps me housebound. My piano is in my bedroom!


5. What has kept you busiest this summer? Two blogs, a website and my 2 year-old granddaughter.


6. What has been your most successful experience in cooking or farming? Turning the garden over to my husband. I will make a farmer out of him yet!


7. What has been your most epic fail to do with cooking or farming? Trying to start plants from seeds. All of our windows block certain UV rays and the plants don’t have a chance.


8. What is your favorite food and why? Dark Chocolate because it is good for you!


9. How would you describe your region’s food culture? Grow your own comfort food.


10. What is your favorite childhood food memory? My grandmother rolling out pies every Saturday for Sunday dinner.


Thanks again to Growcookeatshare for the nomination! Everyone please check out her blog!!!


Last week my son brought over a form from the “Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.” Any money that is not claimed for a certain number of years is turned over to the Iowa Treasurer. They post a list of names of those who have money owed to them.

My son typed in my name as a joke and was surprised to find my name was on the list. It turns out, I had never collected the money from Upromise that I earned by turning in codes from McDonald’s gift certificates.

I had it on my list to do, but it was not a high priority because we did not eat out often. It was less than 20.00 and I was impressed that Upromise didn’t just keep it!

Form from the "Great Iowa Treasure Hunt."

Form from the “Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.”


At church potlucks, I was known for my fried chicken. I used my grandmother’s basic recipe and everyone loved it. Then one day, I let my oldest son cook. I showed him all of the spices available and he made up a batch of fried chicken.

It smelled like Thanksgiving and potlucks and family reunions all rolled up together in one! While we were eating, I asked him which spices he used, and there were several. The funniest was Pumpkin Pie Spice! That is why it smelled like Thanksgiving.

I never copied his recipe, but I did add one spice that he used to my fried chicken. I swear, you cannot stop with just one piece, it is that good.

The secret…Popcorn Salt.

You wouldn’t think it would make a difference, but it does. My basic fried chicken is now flour, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, paprika and popcorn salt.

My fried Chicken.

My fried Chicken.