It finally cooled down here after 2 weeks of temperatures in the 90’s. I won’t run my oven until it is much cooler. That does not mean we go without desserts!

I made my first “Icebox Cake” for dinner on Labor Day. These cakes are made with cool whip, pudding, fruit, and cookies. Some are just cool whip and Oreos in layers.


2 Bananas

Cool Whip

Vanilla Pudding

Box of Nilla Wafers

Spread a layer of cool whip on bottom of pan. (I used a spring-form pan.) Add a layer of nilla wafers, followed by pudding, bananas, more wafers and top with cool whip. Make the night before and put it in the refrigerator or freeze it and thaw an hour before serving.

Banana Icebox Cake

Banana Icebox Cake


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