I decided to have a candy corn themed Thanksgiving when I read that candy corn is to remind us the Pilgrims survived on a few pieces of corn each day that first winter. I am grateful that we have never been reduced to such small meals.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My kitchen table.

My dining room table.

I painted two coke bottles to resemble candy cane. I got that idea from Ladies Home Journal!

I even used the white, yellow and orange colors in my bathroom towels.





I am uncomfortable with how low many tops are cut. I thought the “Camiband,” a band of material to be worn over a bra, was brilliant and I went to the website to check it out.

They showed the “Camiband” being worn over a bra and over the top of jeans when a shirt is too short. I remembered I had purchased two “Belly bands” in black and white last year.

The “Camibands” cost $25.00. I purchased my “Belly Bands” at Walmart in the “As seen on TV” section. I think I paid $9.00 for two of them.

I wore one as a “Camiband” on Sunday and it worked fine.

My "Belly Band" that I wear as a "Camiband."

My “Belly Band” that I wear as a “Camiband.”


Tuesday I showed a pair of Capri pants that I mended. They were an unusual rose color. I don’t keep spools and spools of thread on hand, but I do have a variety of colors of embroidery floss. I use one thread for mending and I am usually able to find a close match.

My embroidery floss.

My embroidery floss.


I was asked to mend a pair of Capri pants of my granddaughters that were made out of tee-shirt material. I pinned a piece of ribbon to the back side of the pants and stitched the rows back together, occasionally stitching it to the ribbon.

Use a piece of ribbon inside.

Use a piece of ribbon inside.

This helped keep it from puckering.

Repaired Capris.

Repaired Capri pants.


I love salads, and I eat one for lunch almost every day. I vary the ingredients based on the vegetables that are on sale that week.

I try to keep a variety of dressings on hand. I do not stick to one particular brand of dressing and I have ended up with “soup” before!

Many bottles have a disk with a small hole in the center attached; some do not. Those without the disk dispense too quickly.

After ruining a salad with too much dressing, I decided to keep the plastic disk from the next bottle that I emptied.

I ran it through the dishwasher and put it on the bottle that did not have one.

Removable disk from a bottle of salad dressing.

Removable disk from a bottle of salad dressing.

Good Housekeeping Editor’s Words of Wisdom

“Using less, using what you have, making do: It’s as much about attitude as action.” Good Housekeeping Editor-in-Chief, Rosemary Ellis. August, 2013 Issue.

The actions of “using less,” “using what I have” and “making do” is something I am familiar with; but the importance of my attitude while I am doing it cannot be understated.

I am not depriving myself, I am choosing to save my money for a need higher on my priority list.

I am glad someone else is getting it, too.


I have a piano-themed throw that I love. Last year it was my Christmas tree skirt because I had music-themed decorations. My piano is in my bedroom and the colors in there are black and white. I used the throw as a tapestry over the headboard of my bed for a few years.

All I did was sew a strip of 1 ½ inch satin ribbon the back of the throw. I slid it onto a thin curtain rod and presto, I had a tapestry!

My throw/tapestry.

My throw/tapestry.


While perusing Pinterest, I saw a ghost chair. They are clear plastic dining room chairs that seem to disappear because you can see the wall behind them.

I have my own version of a “Ghost Chair,” but we jokingly refer to it as “The Invisible Chair!”

I took a wooden, folding chair and painted it to match the wall color. I hung it on hooks on the tiny wall next to the front door. It is not noticeable, but so convenient. When you come in the front door with wet boots, you have a handy chair to grab and use to remove them.

My invisible chair!

My invisible chair!


When I visited my brother last year, I fell in love with their Virginia sweet tea. I have always been a fan of sun tea, but they made me a convert. I watched my sister-in-law make it and started making mine the same way.

  1. Fill coffee carafe with water.
  2. Pour water in coffee maker.
  3. Put a scoop or two of sugar in the bottom of the carafe.
  4. Put in three black tea bags and one green tea bag.
  5. Brew as you would coffee.
  6. Stir the sugar in the bottom of the pot to let it completely dissolve.
  7. Pour into a gallon container.
  8. Add water to the container, to fill it and stir to combine.

The tea is sweet and there is no sugar wasted on the bottom of the pitcher.

Sweet tea the way my brother makes it.

Sweet tea the way my brother makes it.