I am uncomfortable with how low many tops are cut. I thought the “Camiband,” a band of material to be worn over a bra, was brilliant and I went to the website to check it out.

They showed the “Camiband” being worn over a bra and over the top of jeans when a shirt is too short. I remembered I had purchased two “Belly bands” in black and white last year.

The “Camibands” cost $25.00. I purchased my “Belly Bands” at Walmart in the “As seen on TV” section. I think I paid $9.00 for two of them.

I wore one as a “Camiband” on Sunday and it worked fine.

My "Belly Band" that I wear as a "Camiband."

My “Belly Band” that I wear as a “Camiband.”


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