When I was a little girl, my father would sing and play the guitar to lull me and my three siblings to sleep. When he passed away a few years ago, my siblings said they would like to inherit his guitar.

Later, I told my husband I would rather inherit Dad’s mandolin. I’ve tried playing the guitar but they are just too large and bulky for me.

I am proud of what my husband did next.

  1. He approached my mother to see if my siblings had expressed interest in the mandolin.
  2. He had her appraise it.
  3. He paid the full appraisal price for it.
  4. He hid it behind the couch because he couldn’t figure out how to wrap it.

I was in shock when I opened the case and saw the pink towel. That was how I knew it was my dad’s mandolin.

Buying my dad’s mandolin was a priceless, sentimental gift. I appreciated that he also paid full value for it to mom.

If there is a sentimental gift you would like to give, get the appraisal right away.

The mandolin I found under the Christmas tree last year.


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