My husband’s family tradition is to have a gift game with some “White Elephant Gifts.” I do not have much imagination when it comes to these gifts and I decided to buy something that I would like to receive. I thought a variety of jams would be nice.

Variety of Jams.

Variety of Jams.

I actually ended up with the jam at the end of the game, but I was extremely disappointed when I opened it up. I thought I purchased 10 jars of different flavored jams. I found 2 jars of each flavor. Even worse, they included grape jelly, strawberry jam, and orange marmalade that I already had in my refrigerator. This jam cost me $1.00 an ounce! What a rip off!

Next year, I will go to the jam aisle and pick up jars of different flavored jams or jellies. Even if I pay $2.00 a bottle, I will get a lot more jam for my $10.00.

Those fancy packages of food for Christmas gifts usually disappoint. It would be cheaper to buy the products individually and wrap them myself.


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