We just got off of a winter storm here in Iowa. There was freezing rain followed by snow. I won’t mention any names, but a member of my family was late to work because the vehicle would not make it up the hill and they had to go around another way…only to fall on their butt when they arrived…twice.

Yes, we are tired of winter here in Iowa and flying to a sunny beach is not an option. It was while I was reading in front of my large, south-facing window that I discovered another alternative.

I got out my thermostat/humidity detector and put it on the arm of the couch where I was reading. After ten minutes, it was registering 91 degrees. That was amazing since it was 68 across the room and 7 on the outside of the glass.

Light therapy is often prescribed for those suffering from eczema. The dermatologist uses a special “light box” that only emits a certain type of rays. It is also an expensive treatment. When I am suffering from an outbreak, I will lie on my couch and expose the rash to the warmth. It does help it to heal more quickly.

Some patients find relief using tanning beds, but that can lead to skin cancer. If I limit my time on the couch to ten minutes or under, I get the benefit without the risk.

It is also helpful for those who suffer from depression during the dark days of winter. Find a sunny spot and spend some time there doing an activity you enjoy.

My free tanning couch!

My free tanning couch!


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