The most difficult, frustrating, and sometimes expensive item you are forced to purchase is a bra.

Companies cannot agree on standard size measurements and the same size in two different styles may have different measurements.

Even worse, when you go to purchase one, they measure you and give you the size of bra they have in stock. If you need a 34F, (or DDD), and they don’t stock the larger cup sizes in a smaller band size, they will try to sell you a 36E, (or DD), or a 38D.

Since 80% of the support comes from the band, those two options will just ride up in the back or pull away in the front when you bend over. Those with sensitive skin, who need cotton material, have an even more difficult time finding one.

When you find a bra that actually fits, you wear it until the elastic wears out! You move into the tightest hooks, and tighten the straps up as far as they can go.

T-shirt bras, with molded cups, will start to roll out and down as they wear. They no longer lie flat and the outline can be seen through your t-shirt.

To correct this, I take a “belly band,” see, “Belly Band for a Camiband,” and wear it over my bra. It helps the cup to lie flat, and smooths out any lines. It buys me time to search for a new bra.

I shop for cotton bras, in smaller band sizes, with larger cups at They are based in England, and you can talk with a representative if you are unsure of your correct size.

I was in between two band sizes and none seemed to fit. A representative talked with me on the phone for a half hour, asking me questions concerning fit until she determined which size would provide me the best support and comfort.

Listening to her lovely, British accent was just a bonus!

My "Belly Band" that I wear as a "Camiband."

My “Belly Band” that I wear as a “Camiband.”




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