Just in Time for the Storms

I just finished lengthening the sleeves on my “new” red trench coat. See “Try It On” at http://wp.me/pKNzn-vI.

Since  I didn’t want the line from the former hem to show, I added a piece of red ribbon to each sleeve.

I decorated the sleeve of my new, red trench coat.

I decorated the sleeve of my new, red trench coat.

After looking at this week’s forecast, I decided I finished just in time!

Hide Cords and Outlets

I placed a chair next to my TV to cover an outlet. I don’t like exposed outlets and I hide them whenever possible.

This chair hides an outlet.

This chair hides an outlet.

For years, I looked at the cords running from this particular outlet to the box on the TV. I tried putting a plant there to hide them, but the plant did not get enough light and I had to move it.

We do not have a coffee table, due to some unfortunate incident my husband had when he was eight, but I had several “coffee table” books. I always meant to browse these books, but never got around to it because they were banished to a bookshelf in the bedroom.

I moved them to hide the exposed cords between the chair and the TV stand. They look pretty and have a much greater chance of being read!


The are around my TV.

The area around my TV.

Clever Quilt Storage

I like keeping a few quilts in the front room where we watch TV the most. They are great to use on cooler days in the spring and fall when you don’t want to run the furnace. I can’t leave them on the floor because of dust mite allergies.

My solution? Roll them up and put them on a shelf in the TV stand.

Two quilts in my TV stand.

Two quilts in my TV stand.


I roll the pretty side in, and the dark blue material blends in with the black of the TV stand. Most people never notice them.

The are around my TV.

The area around my TV.


I like to use drapes that reach from floor to ceiling, even over windows that are not full length. I believe the extra material helps to trap the cold air.

When it was time to purchase drapes for my bedroom, I noticed the width was the same on most of the sizes, only the length changed. As I was looking for drapes that were 84″ long, I decided to purchase a set with each drape wide enough to cover the entire window.

When I hung them, I used a curtain tie back one side and purchased a valance for each window. These drapes are energy-efficient, and when I sewed Velcro strips on each side of them, I was able to make them lock in the cold air at night. See “Dress Your Windows” at http://wp.me/pKNzn-t.

I not only did not buy two sets of drapes, I did not need two sets of tie-backs. I did the same thing when I purchased drapes for my office.

The drape on one of my bedroom windows.

The drape on one of my bedroom windows.




The hem on one of my tees unraveled in the wash. I found two very long pieces of thread still attached to it.

One thread was still sewn through the material. I threaded a needle with the piece attached to it, and ran the needle through all of the loops on the backside of the tee.

I used the second long thread to back-stitch the hem. (See http://www.wikihow.com/Backstitch) I then sewed the raw edges to the back stitched seam.

The front of the t-shirt looks just as it did when I bought it. The back will not ravel again and the thread is a perfect match.

The inside of the t-shirt I repaired.

The inside of the t-shirt I repaired.



You may only hear it here, but it pays to stay with the same company. We have had State Farm Insurance for over 30 years and when I became disabled, they bent over backwards to help me.

I know some will switch to another company for a lower rate, but I found if I kept my agent up to date on my current needs, I was able to get discounts and my rate was actually lower than the teaser rates offered by other companies.

That being said, we have had the same cell phone carrier, U.S. Cellular, since 1997. We live in a rural area and they offer the best coverage for this area.

As our children started working, we would add a line…that they would pay for…to our plan. When they moved on…they split off of our plan and would benefit from a great rate.

It was time for our last one to split off of our plan. He picked the phone he wanted and the plan he could live with. He was assigned a new number.

When we called to cancel his former number the salesman was very accommodating. Our contract had not expired and we wanted a cheaper plan. We even looked at a getting track phone.

Our carrier saw that we had been faithful customers since 1997 and that we were not using many of the minutes for which we were paying. Our son didn’t call, but did all of his communicating by text. My husband did not use many minutes either.

They made him an offer he could not refuse: 1) Canceled the contract, 2) signed him up for a plan that was almost 30% cheaper and included data, and 3) gave him a free Galaxy 4.

I have to admit when he brought it home I was jealous. (Remember, I do not have a cell phone, but I rarely leave the house and I don’t need a cell phone.)

It was not a great loss to the phone company because the Galaxy 5 is due to be released any day. We don’t even try to keep up with the latest technology because it is obsolete a few days after it is released. We get what we need and this time we were rewarded because we were faithful and true!

My husband's new free phone.

My husband’s new free phone.


I’m a little behind in my journal…like last Thanksgiving. I have fallen behind before and I don’t worry about catching up because I always do.

Don’t be impressed thinking I can remember back that far…I write notes on my daily Day-Timer pages of things I want to remember, the cute things my granddaughter says and the times I get to leave the house.

Some days have more memories than others and I cannot record everything on the daily sheet. I have come up with a wonderful solution.

I make my own filler paper.

I like writing on notebook paper, not typing on the computer. There is something about putting pen to paper that soothes me. I like the smell of Pentel Blue Ink.

No, I don’t sniff ink! But I still use a Day-Timer for my calendar and planning, not a smartphone. I actually hate typing.

Luckily, I have 2 inches of elementary school loose leaf paper left over from my children. I had a few complete packages of paper but I donated those a decade ago. My youngest graduated in 2011 and that will give you an idea of how long this paper has been buried in a drawer. I just knew it would be of use someday.

This is the day. I cut that loose paper down to fit in my Day-timer. When I have more memories to record on a particular day, I get one of those sheets and write to my heart’s content.

I am actually able to fill in quite a few details on my journal based on the notes in these pages.

I also print my daily pages and a food journal on the back of each page. I can track my weight loss…or not…on these pages. I can look back and see it was the two donuts and two danishes that increased my weight.

Or when my skin is dry and flaky, I can see my water intake…or lack of…and rule out an allergic reaction.

We don’t have to buy everything just because it is for sale. Look around; there may be something in your drawer that would work just as well.

The filler paper I made for my Day-Timer using my kids loose leaf paper.

The filler paper I made for my Day-Timer using my kids loose leaf paper.

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Since I finally finished painting my flag, the table was cleared and in need of a centerpiece for Easter.

I got out my Easter items and had them spread out on the dining room table in the basement, but I just didn’t see anything I wanted to use as a centerpiece.

Then I started putting away the St. Patrick’s Day decorations downstairs. On the shelf next to the stairs, I had a collection of vases on a green table runner with light green glass rocks strewn all around them.

As I was picking up the rocks, I noticed darker green striations in the glass. It reminded me of the striping in a green flame-less candle I recently purchased.

Those two items were the inspiration for my centerpiece. I added a green vase that looks like a flower before the bloom appears and a glass egg because the top was painted green and I had my Easter centerpiece!

My Easter centerpiece, whose inspiration was the striations in the glass rocks.

My Easter centerpiece, whose inspiration was the striations in the glass rocks.


When my husband brought in my St. Patrick’s Day Flag he said, “It looks faded; maybe we had better toss it.”

I was unhappy because it took me years to find a St. Patrick’s Day Flag that I liked. I decided to paint it.

Painting my St. Patrick's Day Flag.

Painting my St. Patrick’s Day Flag.

I painted the clovers Christmas Green and the background Kelly Green. Of course, I ran out of paint and had to wait several days until David could find a store that had Kelly Green in stock, but I am pleased with the result. Now I can pack those decorations away.

My one-of-a-kind, hand-painted St, Patrick's Day flag!

My one-of-a-kind, hand-painted St, Patrick’s Day flag!