I’m a little behind in my journal…like last Thanksgiving. I have fallen behind before and I don’t worry about catching up because I always do.

Don’t be impressed thinking I can remember back that far…I write notes on my daily Day-Timer pages of things I want to remember, the cute things my granddaughter says and the times I get to leave the house.

Some days have more memories than others and I cannot record everything on the daily sheet. I have come up with a wonderful solution.

I make my own filler paper.

I like writing on notebook paper, not typing on the computer. There is something about putting pen to paper that soothes me. I like the smell of Pentel Blue Ink.

No, I don’t sniff ink! But I still use a Day-Timer for my calendar and planning, not a smartphone. I actually hate typing.

Luckily, I have 2 inches of elementary school loose leaf paper left over from my children. I had a few complete packages of paper but I donated those a decade ago. My youngest graduated in 2011 and that will give you an idea of how long this paper has been buried in a drawer. I just knew it would be of use someday.

This is the day. I cut that loose paper down to fit in my Day-timer. When I have more memories to record on a particular day, I get one of those sheets and write to my heart’s content.

I am actually able to fill in quite a few details on my journal based on the notes in these pages.

I also print my daily pages and a food journal on the back of each page. I can track my weight loss…or not…on these pages. I can look back and see it was the two donuts and two danishes that increased my weight.

Or when my skin is dry and flaky, I can see my water intake…or lack of…and rule out an allergic reaction.

We don’t have to buy everything just because it is for sale. Look around; there may be something in your drawer that would work just as well.

The filler paper I made for my Day-Timer using my kids loose leaf paper.

The filler paper I made for my Day-Timer using my kids loose leaf paper.

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