Hide Cords and Outlets

I placed a chair next to my TV to cover an outlet. I don’t like exposed outlets and I hide them whenever possible.

This chair hides an outlet.

This chair hides an outlet.

For years, I looked at the cords running from this particular outlet to the box on the TV. I tried putting a plant there to hide them, but the plant did not get enough light and I had to move it.

We do not have a coffee table, due to some unfortunate incident my husband had when he was eight, but I had several “coffee table” books. I always meant to browse these books, but never got around to it because they were banished to a bookshelf in the bedroom.

I moved them to hide the exposed cords between the chair and the TV stand. They look pretty and have a much greater chance of being read!


The are around my TV.

The area around my TV.