My Patriotic Centerpiece

This weekend I decorated for the summer using patriotic decor. I tried several different centerpieces for the kitchen table, but was not satisfied with any of them.

In the summer, I do most of my writing on the kitchen table. I wanted a smaller centerpiece.

I have a collection of cobalt colored dishes that I display from Memorial Day through July 4th. I tried two different sizes and didn’t care for either one.

Then I started thinking of the other items in the kitchen that were red, white and blue. I ended up with this centerpiece.

My summer centerpiece.

My summer centerpiece.

It started out as a Christmas decoration, wedding decoration, July 4th decoration, and cobalt dishes.

The pieces of my centerpiece.

The pieces of my centerpiece.

The stripes on the Christmas tray mimic the stripes on the flag. The tiny light was from my nieces wedding. When I told her I was looking for some like them, she gave me two leftover boxes for Christmas.

One cobalt dish was a Christmas gift from my sister, another was from Wal-Mart and the third from a garage sale.

I placed the tiny light in the center of the tray. I turned the small bowl over the tiny light. I put the medium-sized bowl over the small bowl.

Using “Candle Stick-Um” on the bottom of the medium bowl, kept the large bowl from sliding off when I set it on top.

Candle stick-um on the top of the medium sized bowl.

Candle stick-um on the top of the medium-sized bowl.

I placed the flame-less candle in the center and my centerpiece was complete. When I have company, I lift the medium and small bowls up to turn on the tiny bright light for an added glow.

If you stop and think about what you have on hand, you may create something beautiful, too…without spending any money.



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