Storage Everywhere

My granddaughter outgrew her wooden puzzles and we purchased some cardboard puzzles. They come in a cardboard frame and I needed a new place to store them.

I found there was just enough room under the TV stand to slide them in and I can easily pull them out. There are storage places everywhere if you just use your imagination.

Cardboard puzzles slide easily under the TV stand.

Cardboard puzzles slide easily under the TV stand.

Put Your Tub to Work

The first day of summer has arrived and I did not finish my spring cleaning. I fully intended to wash the windows but that didn’t get done.

There are some items that are especially difficult to clean…like my step stool with a grooved top.









Not only is there dirt in the grooves, there is paint splattered on it. I dumped a half a cup of dishwasher detergent in the tub, filled it with hot water and let it soak overnight.


Since it kept floating to the top I used the lid to my hamper to stabilize it. They both came out sparkling.


I have tried to scrub the dirt in the crevices of both these items several times and one overnight soak removed all traces of dirt.



It even removed the paint spatters.

Ants for Stump Removal

We thought it was a bush and it camouflaged the telephone box. We let it grow and it became a tree! We cut it back and finally killed it, but the stump remained.

The stump was so large that the box was at an angle and it was partially surrounding the box.

The phone company told us we needed to remove it, but all they were willing to do was supervise while we tried to dig it out. Unfortunately, the stump was on top of the telephone line. We couldn’t burn it out or dig it out.

What did we do?

We put our ants to work. Whenever I found a can or bottle of flat pop, I dumped it on the stump. The ants take a bite to get the syrup and slowly are eating the stump away.

It is taking years, but when I started the stump was 2 feet across. As you can see it is a shadow of its former self.

And you thought I was going to make my aunts dig it out!

Stump by telephone box.

Stump by telephone box.

Best Father’s Day Gift

I dug through my photos looking for a photo of me and my dad to post on Facebook for Father’s Day. I was surprised I had to go back 10 years to find one.

I recommend having your picture taken with your dad on Father’s Day every year. They are precious to him now and priceless to you when he is gone. My dad has been gone for four years.

Daddy & me, 2004

Daddy and me in 2004.

Self-Rotating Wardrobe

I have a self-rotating wardrobe…meaning I rotate it myself. When I put my laundry away, I put the clean clothes on the bottom of the pile and at the back of that section in the closet. Dressing is easy…since everything matches…I wear whatever shirt is next with the Capri shorts on the top of the pile.

I thought I was pretty smart when it came to rotating my clothes…until my husband pointed out his socks. He always puts the clean socks on the top of the pile. That way there are one or two pair that are rarely worn. When a special occasion comes up, he pulls out the “new” socks on the bottom of the pile.

When I bought a package of new socks this spring, I started doing the same thing with mine.


These socks all came out of the same package.

These socks all came out of the same package. They shrink when you wash them.


Recliner Treadmill

My sister called and apologized for being out of breath. She had a question about something she read on Facebook. She would only read Facebook while walking on her treadmill.

She is a genius!

I hate to exercise and decided Facebook would be a good incentive to get me up off of my seat! (I tried walking around inside the house, but at 640 square feet, it only took a minute.)  Unlike my sister, I do not have an empty nest with a spare room for a treadmill…or a treadmill.

I am the “Queen of making something out of nothing” and decided to improvise. I put my Chromebook on the back of the recliner and started walking for fifteen minutes a day while I read Facebook.

The back of my recliner and a Chromebook substitutes for a treadmill.

The back of my recliner and a Chromebook substitutes for a treadmill.

Later, I started using a laptop desk under the Chromebook to ensure it did not overheat. I have willingly exercised every day. I also do not dawdle on Facebook anymore.

It was the best, and most stupid, thing I have ever done. The stupid thing was to re-set the timer and keep walking until I finished reading when I haven’t exercised for years.

I did that twice and woke up in the middle of the night with my muscles aching. I could feel each muscle in my toes. I had to apply “Icy-Hot” from hip to toe-nail just to go back to sleep!

(I do recommend contacting your doctor before starting an exercise program and taking it slowly.)

My soldier boy son stopped by…after a 4-mile run…as I was walking. He asked me what I was doing and I explained.

He responded, “Mom, you are not walking…you are marking time.”

After that, I started listening to songs on That got me going a little faster.

When I’m bored doing that…I think I will switch to the They look interesting.

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The Most Touching Memorial

Last week I saw many memorials to the soldiers who died for our freedom. Some were simple, others were extravagant.

I saw coins laid on grave stones to let the family know the grave had been visited. I learned the meaning of the denominations on those coins, see

I saw huge, expensive monuments…and yet none of them touched me the way this picture did.

Quilts made by Iona Koehler.

Quilts made by Iona Koehler.





On Facebook, my friend wrote…

“At Grandma’s funeral all of us grandkids brought our quilts and baby quilts that she had hand stitched with love for each of us. We laid them on the pews. Miss her so much already!”

Iona died three weeks and one day after her husband Wilbur. This tribute was touched…and felt…by all who attended the funeral.

When my uncle died in a plane crash in 1983, the family purchased a memorial concrete bench and had it placed on the town square. Apparently, many others had the same idea and his bench was moved to storage to make room.

When honoring a loved one, sharing a piece of their heart is more meaningful than spending money on an expensive memorial.

When people came into Iona’s funeral, they did not see her memorial, they saw her love.

The front of the church was covered with Iona's quilts.

The front of the church was covered with Iona’s quilts.