Recliner Treadmill

My sister called and apologized for being out of breath. She had a question about something she read on Facebook. She would only read Facebook while walking on her treadmill.

She is a genius!

I hate to exercise and decided Facebook would be a good incentive to get me up off of my seat! (I tried walking around inside the house, but at 640 square feet, it only took a minute.)  Unlike my sister, I do not have an empty nest with a spare room for a treadmill…or a treadmill.

I am the “Queen of making something out of nothing” and decided to improvise. I put my Chromebook on the back of the recliner and started walking for fifteen minutes a day while I read Facebook.

The back of my recliner and a Chromebook substitutes for a treadmill.

The back of my recliner and a Chromebook substitutes for a treadmill.

Later, I started using a laptop desk under the Chromebook to ensure it did not overheat. I have willingly exercised every day. I also do not dawdle on Facebook anymore.

It was the best, and most stupid, thing I have ever done. The stupid thing was to re-set the timer and keep walking until I finished reading when I haven’t exercised for years.

I did that twice and woke up in the middle of the night with my muscles aching. I could feel each muscle in my toes. I had to apply “Icy-Hot” from hip to toe-nail just to go back to sleep!

(I do recommend contacting your doctor before starting an exercise program and taking it slowly.)

My soldier boy son stopped by…after a 4-mile run…as I was walking. He asked me what I was doing and I explained.

He responded, “Mom, you are not walking…you are marking time.”

After that, I started listening to songs on That got me going a little faster.

When I’m bored doing that…I think I will switch to the They look interesting.

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