Ants for Stump Removal

We thought it was a bush and it camouflaged the telephone box. We let it grow and it became a tree! We cut it back and finally killed it, but the stump remained.

The stump was so large that the box was at an angle and it was partially surrounding the box.

The phone company told us we needed to remove it, but all they were willing to do was supervise while we tried to dig it out. Unfortunately, the stump was on top of the telephone line. We couldn’t burn it out or dig it out.

What did we do?

We put our ants to work. Whenever I found a can or bottle of flat pop, I dumped it on the stump. The ants take a bite to get the syrup and slowly are eating the stump away.

It is taking years, but when I started the stump was 2 feet across. As you can see it is a shadow of its former self.

And you thought I was going to make my aunts dig it out!

Stump by telephone box.

Stump by telephone box.


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