Refinished Drums

My son turns 22 in 2 days. I am pleased to note that he has inherited a few frugal tendencies!

He bought himself a drums set a few years ago since he was a music major and attending college on a drum scholarship. At the time he played for a few bands, and one band played at the local county fair.

It was so hot you could fry eggs on the sidewalk. His drum set was up on a trailer in the full sun and the hard black plastic started to melt! When he noticed it, he covered the entire set with a blanket until it was their turn to play.

When he told me about it, I expected him to ask me to buy him a new drum. I was relieved that he did not do that!

Last spring, he decided to fix it himself. He got together with his best friend, Jordan, and using a hair dryer, they melted the glue backing and peeled the black plastic off. It came off in one piece!

They removed the black from three of the drums and left the snare black. He’s gotten many compliments on his “Retro” set of drums.

My son’s drums, before and after.



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