Another One Off of My Bucket List

Last weekend I crossed another item off of my bucket list. We have set aside money each week for these items, and one by one, I was able to cross them off of my list.

Frugalfish Bucket List

  1. Pay off medical bills/credit cards. April, 2009
  2. Pay off Van & Truck. April, 2009
  3. Pay off Mortgage. December, 2011
  4. Swim in an ocean, (Iowa Girl). August, 2012
  5. Buy a van with cash. November, 2013
  6. Go on a scenic train ride. October 17, 2014

We paid more than the minimum payment on our credit cards. Unfortunately, we ended up putting medical expenses on one of the cards. It was a huge mistake that I will not repeat!

We paid $15.00 extra on our mortgage payment for over a decade and rounded up on our vehicle payments, putting the extra directly on principle.

Every tax refund was applied to debt until we were able to adjust our withholding to end up owing nothing.

We saved for our vacation to swim in the ocean for six years and have not taken a vacation every year. We take small trips or just stay home and relax!

We took our new van for a test drive on July 3, 2013 and told the dealer we didn’t have the money yet. He fixed the broken air conditioner, and a few other things, and it was still on his lot in November.

“What God intended for you, no one can take away. And what’s not intended for you, you don’t need.” Rabbi Meir Fund

My first train trip was in this car.

My first train trip was in this car.


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