“No Poo?” Not For This Poodle!

2014 Birthday Card

2014 Birthday Card


Yesterday was my birthday and this was my favorite card!

Sometimes, with my naturally curly hair, I do feel like a poodle!

I also decided that old dogs could be taught new tricks and I tried the new “No Poo” method of washing my hair. You use 1 T. of baking soda dissolved in a cup of water to wash your hair and rinse it with apple cider vinegar.

I was less than thrilled with the results. My curly hair is dry and I decided I needed to stick with my current method of washing with conditioner, see “Once a Year ‘Wash and Wear’ Haircut”  @ http://wp.me/pKNzn-ii.

I don’t mind curls, but I hate frizz.