Best Magazine Storage

As you can see by the first magazine, the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I am a little behind on my reading. I have been fighting an infection for weeks and I am a little behind on everything!

I keep my magazines in a rack in the bathroom. When new ones arrive I put them in the back of the magazine rack. Over the last year I realized I didn’t have time to read all of them each month. I am letting two subscriptions expire.

I am saving money by only ordering the ones I have time to read and I am storing none of them. The best magazine storage is to pass them on.

I made a deal with my mom because we were buying the same magazines and sharing them when we finished. I am paying the subscription for one of the duplicates and she is paying for the second.

After we both have read them, I donate them to a local nursing home. I have also donated to my favorite beauty shop and a preschool. (Call first to see if they need donations.)

I save money by purchasing only the magazines I have time to read and sharing them with my mom.

My only magazine storage.

My only magazine storage.

How do you save money?

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