Best Holiday Photos

It was actually a sad day because my friends were moving away. I wanted to take as many photos of them as I could, but I didn’t want to spend all of my time being the photographer.

We were at a farewell potluck for them, and I brought two pies. The kids were all playing soccer and the adults gathered around the table to visit. I moved to sit opposite of my friends and attached my new flexible legs tripod to the handle of the basket I brought the pies in.

Before I attached the camera, I shut off the flash. The room was well lit and I knew I wouldn’t need it. As we talked, joked and told stories for an hour, I occasionally snapped a series of pictures.

The camera was on automatic focus and I got several of them laughing with us. You could mount a small camera during Thanksgiving dinner and get several candid shots.

I like to use the x3 option for posed shots. It snaps 3 pictures with 10 seconds in between. We do one smiling, one crazy, and by the third shot we are usually laughing at each others antics!

Flexible legs tripod attached to the handle of a basket.

Flexible legs tripod attached to the handle of a basket.


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