When I first heard the term, I thought my friend made it up. (Sorry Paula.) But last week another friend posted a photo of their “Thankmas Dinner.” It was beautiful, with 20 faces from 3 generations. (Thanks Hannah.)

“Thankmas” is celebrating Christmas with your extended family at your Thanksgiving dinner. Most draw names for gifts, or play a white elephant game, or just buy gifts for the kids. For those traveling long distances, it means one less drive to the old homestead.

When I planned my December calendar, I was a bit overwhelmed wondering where I will fit in all of the family Christmas dinners. Each year the family grows larger. I can no longer get by with seating my granddaughter in a high chair.

When my kids were little, we had Christmas Day with my family one year and spent the day with his family the next year. On the off years we would celebrate with the other side on another day. When my sister married, she did the same thing and we were all able to be with my parents at the same time.

Then my son got married and we had to find dates around the family dinners her family held. When my granddaughter was born it was harder on them. They wanted to enjoy the day with their little one and I agreed with them.

Last year, we were unable to celebrate with my extended family until January 4th! The idea of “Thankmas” is looking even better. Think of it as turkey with a tree!

Christmas, 2013.

Christmas, 2013.










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